Celebrities Who Were Veterans!

When one says, did you know that Elvis Presley was a veteran. He served in the USArmy, doing 2 years in Germany? Everybody knows this! But did you know the following celebs also served?
Alan Alda…gunnery sergeant in Korea in the 50’s
Mel Brooks…Battle of the Bulge…yes, this is true. Look it up.
Steve McQueen…US Marines, yes this bad boy was thrown into the brig for going AWOL!
Montel Williams….USMarine Corps. Montel was a Special Duty Intelligence Office in cryptology, no less. Montel has a degree in Engineering and speaks fluent Russian!
Kris Kristofferson…USNavy. He was a helicopter pilot!
Drew Carey served in the US Marine Corps Reserve.
Chuck Norris…USAF, this is where he learned martial arts!
James Earl Jones….first lieutenant in the USArmy. He tried out for the Special Forces! (And you thought that Darth Vader was just a character.)
Bill Cosby…..yes, Bill was a US Navy hospital corpsman, served in Korea, during the Korean War! And I’m sure you remember that Bill has not one (1), but two (2) degrees in psychology! Yes! Look it up!
Last, but not least, Julia Childs worked for the office of Strategic Services during WW2, she was an Intelligence Officer for the Army!! Could it be that some of her recipes are still classified????


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